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Gasoline generator for the first time to pay attention to what matters

Please read the instructions before use:1, the use of gasoline to be added before the engine oil (four-stroke gasoline engine oil), filling the level of the generator does not overflow for the right place, the oil is not enough machines will not start, too much damage to the engine. It is best to use SG level or above standard oil. The new machine running 20 hours to replace the oil, the second 100 hours to replace the oil, after the oil has been replaced according to the color.
2, gasoline need to use clean standard gasoline (93 # gasoline), when filling, please use the fuel to consider the net, do not fill too full to prevent heat spill, the machine work, not filling fuel to avoid fire.

3, the cold start: open the fuel valve throttle switch, close the ignition switch, the damper is placed in a closed state (towards the panel side), pull the cable pull cable feel there is resistance, the force quickly pull the cable, the engine starts , Gently put down the cable, the damper placed in the open state (should not start with the load).

4, after the generator starts, observe the generator voltage meter before plugging in the normal output plug, close the output switch for the equipment supply; such as the display voltage of more than 240V or less than 180V should not supply power to the equipment, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
5, turn off the generator should first disconnect the output switch - close the oil valve - turn off the ignition switch.

6, the bottom of the fuel tank to consider the net and the air to consider the core of the air to be checked regularly and clean, do not screw the air to consider the core screw, neutral detergent (warm soapy water can be) after washing, dry residual lotion, dry.

7, spark plugs do not arbitrarily change, otherwise it will damage the engine.

8, if the generator can not start, running unsteady, trembling, turn off their own in operation, are generally caused by the carburetor fouling caused by cleaning carburetor after the failure can be ruled out, non-professionals do not adjust the carburetor Of the throttle and speed.

9, if the generator normal operation, the voltmeter no voltage value indication, closed output switch and no voltage output, the phenomenon of loss of magnetic fault, the generator can be used when running 12V power supply instantly touch the output socket, the generator will immediately resume normal.

10, Do not connect the generator to the building power system.

11, need to use generators in ventilated, exhaust gas contains large amounts of toxins and carbon monoxide, a large number of inhalation will lead to death.

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