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Car air conditioner filter cleaning and replacement is very important

Car air-conditioning is inseparable from the people in the winter, then for its conservation has become a matter of course owners need to be concerned about the problem, but many owners have forgotten in the seasonal cleaning and maintenance of automotive air conditioning, it will The use of air conditioning next year have a negative impact. But the owners can save their friends under the usual conservation experience in car air conditioning, from time to time to wash their own car air-conditioning, preferably once a month to replace the cleaning air-conditioning filter. Now on the market of Skoda air conditioning filter is very good.

Skoda air-conditioning filter is the role of air-conditioned grid close to the shell to ensure that the air does not filter into the compartment. Can separate the air, dust, pollen, grinding particles and other solid impurities. Can make the car glass will not be covered with water vapor, so that drivers and passengers clear line of sight, traffic safety; to provide fresh air to the driving room, to avoid inhaling harmful gases, to protect driving safety. Visible, air-conditioning filter seemingly inconspicuous, but in the daily traffic for air and engine work or have a more important role.

In normal working conditions, a factory air conditioning filter life is 30,000 km or a year, if the regular air-conditioning filter cleaning, to extend the service life of air conditioning filter. If the vehicles and vehicles have been used for a long time has never been replaced air conditioning filter, then Xiao Bian reminded the owners want to replace the Skoda air conditioning filter.

Different models of air conditioning filter position is different, there are two:
First, some air conditioning filter in the car's front windshield below, in the replacement filter, the first hood opened, remove the clamp fixed sink, remove the sink, you can see the air conditioning filter.

Second, most of the home air conditioning filter Jiajiao in front of the co-driver's seat under the wind in the storage box, very easy to remove them, just remove the storage box, you will see inside the air conditioning filter. At the same time in their own replacement air conditioning filter, you can own cleaning: Wash with ordinary detergent, dry, dripping on the oil hand rub, then the toilet paper to absorb excess oil, placed back.
Air-conditioning filter is very easy to stained with many dust, with the skin tiger, high-pressure air guns like dust can be blown to the dust, do not use water to clean, otherwise it is easy to waste. Do not want car air conditioning filter early strike on the good conservation of it.

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