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Development Status and Prospect of China Construction Machinery Parts Industry

Domestic construction machinery parts development and stability, but some companies are not satisfied with the status quo, the localization of China's construction machinery parts to seek new breakthroughs and new developments.

In the construction machinery industry continued to adjust the period, many people will focus on the boring machine industry in the ascendant. However, the boring machine industry is not without competition. Boring machine into the Chinese market only 20 years, China's own manufacturing history of TBM is only 10 years. "Now shield the field of annual output of about 200, the company has even appeared in inventory idle." Shield Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Shield, said Gao Weixian.

The industry said that the development prospects of the boring machine industry should show a steady growth trend, but the volume will not be too great. Shield from the development trend, the "13th Five-Year Plan" may be moving toward a large depth, high pressure, long distance, large diameter, and even 15 meters or so shield, shaped cross-section of the direction of shield development.

However, has lagged behind the foreign boring machine products, and construction machinery has a common characteristic, is the core technology controlled by others, the core components will become the weakness of the boring machine enhance competitiveness, localization of parts has become the importance of TBM industry Topics. Countries put forward the "Made in China 2025" plan, hope that the host manufacturers and ancillary manufacturers to work together to overcome difficulties, their common technology to solve. Many of the supporting parts of the enterprise is also made the core parts of the localization, help enhance the level of China's equipment manufacturing. For example, as a shield machine key components, the main drive reducer products and technology has long been foreign monopoly. Anhui enterprises successful research and development, foreign products sold to domestic prices 40% one-time price cuts.

At the same time, many companies will target the shield of the "remanufacturing", and then the manufacturing process is actually the process of domestic parts and components application. In the domestic procurement, this can quickly meet the construction requirements. Some people to the Chinese construction machinery business network editor calculations, an imported shield machine market price of fifty or sixty million yuan, life is very short, the average dug eight kilometers on the bad subway, sent to foreign maintenance costs too High, time-consuming too long, the construction unit afterwards, "as re-buy." Aiming at the market pain point, XCMG Kay Palace Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Nanjing at the end of 2013 in Nanjing production of domestic shield machine, through the introduction, digestion, absorption, the localization rate of more than 70%. 2015 maintenance, remanufactured more than 10 sets of waste shield machine, opened this year before, but also get 7 sets of maintenance, and then manufacturing orders. The author understands, re-manufacturing industry prospects, is encouraged by the state "green industry." In the second half of last year, China Construction Machinery Society launched the "Shield re-manufacturing innovation strategic alliance", in the national Ministry of mechanical and electrical products "remanufacturing" product catalog, also added shield machine products.

Mechanical parts, only to design more suitable for the market, more suitable for user requirements of the boring machine product mechanical parts, is the boring machine enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

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