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Xing Cheng Plastic Industry to share the future development of gasoline generators

From the previous desktop bulky computers, to portable notebooks, from bulky printers, to compact portable printers, we can see the advantages of portable, gasoline generators as well. Then the development of portable small gasoline generators turn what is it?

In many places we can see a portable small gasoline generators, and even some families will spare one, then you understand the development of portable gasoline generators do?

Since the beginning of the new century, the rapid development of the national economy and the increase in per capita GDP have led to an increase in electricity demand. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the power input and increase the power construction. Large and medium-sized thermal power plants, hydroelectric power stations Some of the nuclear power plants, wind power stations, the total installed capacity of rapid growth, but in some special conditions, such as remote mountainous areas, temporary industrial site, power failure is not allowed to key sectors, and power supply shortages often sudden power outages, The portable petrol generator is the ideal equipment, he can play in these special power conditions can not replace the role of large power grids.

Early gasoline generators with split structure, gasoline engine and generator as a whole, both through the belt connection, installed in a rack, although the structure is simple, easy disassembly and maintenance, but the volume weight, performance (voltage adjustment Fuel consumption, noise) is poor, the last century the nineties, China has from Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries to introduce a new type of gasoline generators, these new engines and generators coaxial connection, the engine and generator Of the design, greatly reducing the size and weight of the unit, compared with the old unit at the same power, the volume and weight reduced by about 50 percent, making the unit compact, superior performance, the new gasoline generators The use of extended to the economic, cultural, military, scientific research, and many other aspects.

In the 21st century, with the development of electric motor technology and chip manufacturing technology, portable generators combined with small gasoline generators and inverter power supply have become a new development trend. Compared with the same level of power generating units, Of the portable generators are smaller, the output energy more green clean, lower emissions, more conducive to energy to improve energy efficiency and environmental protection, the core of this new portable petrol generators are built-in microprocessor-controlled power electronics Open-can device composed of inverter power, these components of the generator to generate the original IF AC processing, purification, making the mobile generator power output is very clean and smooth, especially for input power purity requirements of high electrical equipment and Instrumentation, such as aerospace, medical, communications, and military applications, the new portable generators have been designed with an integrated design that reduces volume and weight by about 50 percent, making it available as a compact Portable power supply used in various types of emergency sites.

Taizhou City Star-Plastic Co., Ltd. (Taizhou City Jiaojiang Eagle Machinery Plant), was established in 2003. The company is located in the economically developed coastal cities ---- Taizhou City. Sea, land and air transportation is convenient, transportation networks around the world. Diesel generators and garden machinery parts of the production and sale of products with high quality, low cost, timely delivery, product range and well received by customers of all ages. Companies in truth-seeking, the integrity of the business philosophy, continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, the design of new, stable quality and reasonable price of the products to promote to the rest of the world.

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